How to spot the signs of problem gambling

 - 6 years ago

Know Your Limits: Spots the Signs of Problem Gambling

Gambling is something that's difficult to control for some people, but spotting the signs of a problem early can save you from making big mistakes and losing control.

Anything that produces boosts of dopamine, a key chemical in your brain associated with feeling reward, can become an addiction. Since it obviously feels great to win, and it feels exciting to risk money on an unknown outcome, a lot of dopamine can be released when gambling, so it's something that people can become addicted to. While this only happens to a very small percentage of people, it's important to know the signs beforehand in case you find yourself going down that particular rabbit hole.

A Fundamental Approach to Identifying Problem Gambling

Gambling, like any other potentially addictive behavior, becomes a problem whenever it becomes compulsive. There's a very easy way to measure this so that you maximize your chances of being honest with yourself, and it starts with bankroll management.

Setting limits for yourself is something that all players of any type of gambling should do because it creates a clear line so that you know when your gambling has gotten out of control.

There are a lot of tests out there that you can use to decide if your gambling is a problem, but it really only comes down to this one measure: You want to stop, and you can't. If that's the case, then you have a gambling problem and should seek help. 


What to do if you develop a gambling problem

If you find yourself suffering from compulsions to gamble, then it's time to seek help. Most casino support teams will point you in the right direction if you just ask, and they're almost always required to by their respective regulatory bodies. Alternatively, you can go straight to the source by looking up local problem gambling support groups. Gamblers Anonymous is the most popular one in the world, and they have meetings and offices in several countries. Other groups are also available just depending on where you're located, and a simple search engine query will help you to find them.

There are also therapies available to help people cope with the feelings that make them feel like gambling in the first place. Sometimes it can be an outlet for built up stress or other issues going on that can be resolved. No matter how you get help there is a wealth of expertise and avenues you can go down to conquer the problem.