Gambling with Bitcoin – is it secure?

 - 5 years ago

Gambling with Bitcoin – is it secure?

Online casinos accepting Bitcoin is a relatively new trend and with anything that’s new, it’s often treated with caution or suspicion. One thing we all want from any type of financial transaction is complete safety and privacy, fortunately, Bitcoin provides this in spades – it is one of the safest transactions you can make. Let’s look at its keys features so you can decide if it’s for you.


One thing a lot of people want from playing online is privacy and anonymity, being able to set up and play in minutes is a huge draw for many players. Bitcoin is the only currency that allows players to do this, all that’s needed to start playing is a valid email address. 


For quick transactions, it cannot be beaten. Deposits are usually much quicker than traditional methods and its easily the quickest withdrawal option available at ClubWorldCasinos. Setting up a Bitcoin wallet is quick and easy; we even have a handy guide on our dedicated Bitcoin page to talk you through the process. Having complete control over your funds is a huge incentive for seasoned and new players alike.

Lower fees than a card

One thing all players love is it save money on fees. Fees with Bitcoin are much lower than usual credit or debit card methods, so you can move money between accounts without huge fees regardless of the size of your transaction.


The truly great innovations are the ones that solve problems and Bitcoin certainly delivers when it comes to the issues of security, speed, lower fees and privacy. It gives you the freedom to play anonymously, deposit and withdraw quicker than ever before and peace of mind that your transactions can never be compromised. For an in-depth look at how effective it can be head over to our Bitcoin page.