2019 Gambling resolutions

 - 5 years ago

The new year brings with it a fresh start, and an excellent opportunity to take a step back, asses your habits, and improve them.

With this in mind, we've put together some handy pointers to consider when assessing your gambling habits. 

1. Keep it fun

One of the best ways to approach gambling is to keep it fun. Playing slots or table games should primarily be for entertainment. A healthy hobby or past-time is one that doesn't negatively impact you or your friends and family, mentally or financially.  

2. Set your limits 

This point ties into the one above, by taking a step back and working out what you can afford to spend you give yourself space and clarity. You should never gamble more than you can afford to lose, and should never go without necessities to fund your casino time. Setting time limits allows you to allocate whatever time-frame suits you best, and prevents overspending. An hour or two playing online is vastly different to a full day or night.

3. Cash out your winnings and take a break 

Many of us believe in the 'winning streak' theory, striking while you're in hot form by playing on once you've won.  Often this is the wrong approach, how many times have you won, then immediately started gambling more only to lose the lot? The best option is to cash out your account and turn your attention to something else. Make sure you wait 24 hours and get a good nights sleep before returning to play, often you'll find this works out to be a more profitable strategy in the long run. 

4. Don't chase your loses

If you find yourself chasing your loses, take that as a signal to stop playing. If you set and respect your limits of only losing what you can afford, this may never be a problem. But if you find yourself depositing money you know, you can't afford to spend then that's a red flag. Always respect your limits.

5. Knowledge is power 

There is a wealth of information online about any subject and gambling is no different. Make sure you do your research before depositing at any casino; you are trusting these organizations with your data,  and you want to be sure the games are fair and just. Taking this into account, player reviews, deposit and withdraw feedback, amongst other factors, will help you chose a casino which you feel is a good fit for you. 

6. Understand bonuses and promotions

Casinos are awash with bonuses and promotions, but have you take the time to understand them? Some require a huge play through before you can withdraw any potential winning, so it's essential you do your research and figure out if they stand up to scrutiny.

7. Be more adventurous

This point ties us back in nicely with the first on our list, keep it fun. While everyone has there favorite games and slots, it's always healthy to explore new titles by playing a variety of games, so make sure you study all slots, specialty, and table games to find the ones you love. Gambling online should always be fun! We release one new slot title every single month, adding to our hundreds already available to play for free via instant play or download, head over to our games page to see for yourself.