Cubee Slot Game

 - 5 years ago

Cubee is an RTG slot game which is truly unique, a world away from the usual 5-reel slots that we are used to. Players can take part in an exciting travel experience, Cubee is the main character who weaves his way through the ages starting in the Stone Age before conquering the seas as a Pirate before finally exploring the Viking Era.

Having different landscapes and historical events to explore is a real deviation from the norm, and one that’s most welcome for slot fans far and wide. To get from one level to the next Cubee must defeat Rocco and his friends, handing out exciting bonuses, free spins and multipliers in the process.

The symbols in the game come in the form of weapons, such as, axes, cannons and arrows and power balls. Keep an eye out for your enemies; Spike, Casper, Lucifer and Bones as they deliver cash rewards! The power balls previously mentioned increases Cubee’s strength, so keep that in mind when they appear on screen.

The spin button enables the portal to release some of the floating symbols – enemies, weapons or power balls. Once Cubee has swallowed one of his enemies his strength will increase, this happens with every power ball he eats. Payouts are awarded when three enemies are defeated and once his old adversary Rocco has been conquered Cubee is able to move onto the next era.

Your journey is tied to the amount you chose to wager per spin, and each bet has its own progress saved. If you decide to alter the bet amount once the game has begun, free spins and multipliers will be saved, then updated to the new wager amount.

There are a few special features also worth noting. Firstly, the meter in the left corner shows current free spins and bet multipliers. Cannons visible during the Piracy era increases the number of free games, while bow and arrows coming out of the portal during the Viking era grows the multiplier, which you can only use once Cubee reaches his homeland.

Finally, we come to payouts, they are awarded for a joint appearance of 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 enemies. Prizes begin at 0.5x the bet and reach a maximum of 40x your stake. Its worth knowing that adversaries with a strength level higher than Cubee do not contribute towards the payout. The opponent with the lowest strength level is Green Casper and can be beaten when Cubee has a strength level of 1. He must have consumed at least one power ball to beat the Yellow Spike, two to defeat Blue Lucifer and three to beat Red Bones.

All in all, Cubee is a wonderful break from the norm with its one of a kind lay-out it gives plenty of entertainment not seen before in previous slot titles. If you’re looking for an immersive gameplay experience, then this is surely the slot game for you.