What's your gambling motivation?

 - 6 years ago

Casino Motivation: Win Money or Be Entertained?

Different players have different types of motivations that get them at the game, but is it to win money or to be entertained that drives most players?

An important topic to understand for both casino operators and players is what drives people to come to the games in the first place. There have been lots of different theories and approaches for trying to discover this, and what has been found is there are a few main driving motivations that account for virtually all play in both land-based and online casinos. We're going to look at which motivations are the most popular and why that's the case here.

Big Prizes and Jackpots

No one wants to be a loser when it comes to the gambling, so it would make sense that winning is a big motivator. However, in study after study and survey after survey, the chances of winning a big payout is not the largest driving force out there for players to get in on the action. Instead, this factor tends to be the second- or third-most important issue for the majority of people. 

Entertainment and Social Interaction

The biggest motivation that players have to get in on the action with any type of casino game is entertainment. Social interaction can be considered a part of this, especially in live dealer games online or in brick-and-mortar casino play. The whole experience of getting in the games with other players and enjoying yourself is what brings almost everyone to the table, and the only real exception to this is the small minority of players who are taking part merely for profit. You often see this with blackjack and video poker players, but even among that demographic, entertainment is still one of the top two or three reasons they play. The introduction of VR headsets has also enabled online casinos to offer virtual interaction as an addition to live dealer games. 

The Cost of Entertainment

Some people can't imagine what would make someone want to play casino games for entertainment because they feel like it's a waste of money. A strong argument against that notion is to consider the cost of going to see a movie in a cinema. After parking, your movie ticket, drinks and popcorn, you could be paying anywhere from $10 to $20 per person for a couple of hours of entertainment.

Now consider someone who sits down to play slots or table games with a low buy in. You could spend roughly the same amount of money without any expectation of return purely for entertainment value, any winnings on top of this is considered a bonus.