Banana Jones casino slot game

 - 6 years ago

If you’re a fan of Indiana Jones then Banana Jones, the latest casino slot game on offer from industry leading providers Real Time Gaming, will be the perfect match!

Based on the theme of the popular films it provides a jungle backdrop with a tropical feel, keeping your eyes and senses entertained throughout the whole experience.  The one negative leveled at this game will be it has a few less features than slot fans are used to, that being said, the slick graphics and stunning playability more than make up for it. Let’s take a look a look at some of its key features and information so you can get the most out of this unique and infinitely entertaining slot game.

The title consists of a snakes and ladders style game with a top award of 2565 times bet per line, which gives players ample opportunity to win big.  There are two dice, with a range of 2-12 consisting of five rolls per bet – plenty of playing time, representing superb value for money.

On a normal roll if Banana Jones lands on the head of the snake, it moves down just like in a game of snakes and ladders. In contrast, if it lands at the base of a vine, it moves up. Symbols collected are tracked by the counter and are paid according to the pay table.

The treasure wheel feature is triggered when Banana Jones lands on the Treasure Wheel head of the board, and awards one spin for a cash prize.

One other feature to note is the Crystal Banana Quest, which comes into play when Banana Jones reaches the Giant Temple at the end of the board. Players are able to select a chest which contains colorful fruit (such as, plums apples and grapes amongst others) once selected they will be added to the counter.

The first counter to be completed awards the prize displayed. The game is available via the usual download, instant play, mobile and native app. Check it out today and discover why Banana Jones is set to become just as popular as the famous films it’s based on!